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Digital Development

Be It Websites Or Mobile Apps, AR/VR Interactivity Or Tailor-Made Digital Platforms… We Deliver The End To End Solution – From Design To Development And Onwards To Digital Channel Distribution.

Website Development and Maintenance

Broomstick Creative is your one-stop solution for your digital journey! whether you need a newly designed website to promote consumer engagement and generate leads or a web portal to better visibility of your business, or a powerful and feature-rich web app to automate corporate processes. We have got you covered!

App Development and Maintenance

With cross-platform and hybrid applications, Broomstick Creative develops applications that provide robust features designed to meet your specific business needs. Our applications are scalable and flexible to best suit your brand and business


At Broomstick Creative, we provide eCommerce clients with intent-based PPC services. We divide our target audience into three segments.

Awareness – First stage of the customer journey- when a user discovers your business, product or services.

Consideration – Second stage of the marketing funnel- This is the stage where the user takes an interest in your business, product or services.

Decision Making – This is the final stage- Here, the user decides to buy your services or products.

Our Development process


We kick start the project by understand your requirements and objectives of your business. This will help us gather all the necessary information for the project. We Analyse the client's needs in detail, then decide on the website's purpose and objectives. Our team primary goal is to deliver a quality website that may help achieve company objectives


Using the data gathered during the Discovery phase. We put it all together and create a comprehensive website plan. A site map is developed at this point. The site map is a list of all of the website's main topic areas, including sub-topics if applicable. This map will help you understand the navigational structure, flow of information and what content will be on the website. Future customers are website end-users, their journey should be as simple as possible. An excellent user interface is the foundation of an easy-to-navigate website


As part of the design process, we combine our knowledge and the website's plan to produce a design that will enhance the brand's identity. The team typically produces one or more website mock-up designs during the design phase. A mock up normally consists of a static graphic that depicts the final appearance of the website.


Once the client has approved the static designs, which are often static graphics, depending on how intricate the design is, we move into development work to convert it to HTML/CSS and then add a layer of animations or JavaScript.

The homepage is created first, and then a placeholder for the inside pages is created. The Place holders, which includes the website's main menu, act as a template for the content pages of the website. The design team's job is to add content to internal pages after this placeholder has been made.

Interactive contact forms and e-commerce shopping carts should be created and made operational during this phase.


When the content and visuals are complete, the testing process can begin. Every page gets tested to ensure that all links work and the website displays properly in different browsers. The word order in titles and descriptions influences the performance of a webpage in various search engines.

Product Launch

The website will go live once it has been approved. We ensure that the website's content and functionality are flawless. Finally, the domain name for the website will get registered, and web hosting accounts will be created to make the website live


Once the website is live, it usually necessitates regular maintenance. User testing can be repeated on updated content and features to improve usability and discoverability

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